José Henrique Dieguez Barreiro, SEPIN/MCTIC - Brazil

José Henrique Dieguez Barreiro, SEPIN/MCTIC - Brazil

BSc in Mechanical Engineering at Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ/1994), MSc in Industrial Engineering at Rio de Janeiro Federal University (COPPE/UFRJ/1997) and PhD in Management and Business Economics at University of Salamanca/USAL/Spain (2010).

Professional background includes experiences in: (a) shipbuilding (American Bureau of Shipping / Ishikawagima of Brazil) (1990-1992); (b) petroleum industry (Petrobras Distribuidora and Petrobras R&D center/CENPES) (1992-1994); (c) federal government funding programs for R&D activities in software industry (CNPq/1996-2000); and (d) government policies for technological innovation (SETEC/SEPIN/MCTI/since 2000).

In 1996 became an analyst for science and technology (a government officer), and today is senior officer for public policy on technological innovation. Since 2014 is Deputy-Director responsible for government policy to software and IT service industry at the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI).

He is also assistant professor at management school at Catholic University of Brasilia (since 1999). Roll activities as lecturing about strategic management by using business game simulations, and also doing applied research for business simulation to be used in consultancy and education, both related to strategic decision making and team development.

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