VR Monkey - São Paulo, Brazil

VR Monkey - São Paulo, Brazil

VRMonkey is a company reference in virtual reality experiences development, always bringing forth contents of the Highest Quality. Through partnerships with large companies and universities, VRMonkey uses the best of computer graphics technology to create interactive experiences in education, simulators, games, architecture and live-action (360 video). With senior professionals in engines like Unity 3D and Unreal 4, among our projects are international highlights and we also stimulate the local community through a big number of events, such as the Meetup SPRV - São Paulo Virtual Reality Meetup.

Product / Service / Software: Archviz, education, games, simulators, video 360.

Target Users: Industry, Museums, Research Institutes, Gamers.

Primary Domain/Field of Expertise: Virtual Reality

Brazilian Company Incubator: CIETEC - Centro de Inovação, Empreendedorismo e Tecnologia

Contact Person: 

Keila Matsumura, Co-founder - São Paulo, Brazil

Creator of the "Dinos do Brazil" project and computer engineer graduated from USP in 2012 with international experience. Her curriculum: awarded in the category "Best Car Project" on Brazilian Energy Efficiency Marathon with Poli Mileage Team in 2006, best graduation project and honorable mention by the Department of Computer Engineering and Digital Systems of USP in 2011, World Champion Imagine Cup (Microsoft) with Interlab team in 2012, awards in the competition Intel Perceptual Challenge Brazil in 2013 and second place in the world competition Intel Realsense App Challenge in 2014.

LinkedIn: Keila Matsumura

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