Vortex Aquarela

Vortex Aquarela

Vortex, a solution to process big amount of data. Transform each member from your organization into a data scientist. With Aquarela VORTX’s Artificial Intelligence there is a drastic reduction in complexity related to data based analysis and decision processes, which enables rapid dissemination and use of Advances Analytics in all areas of your organization.
VORTX's anomalies detection allows the user to quickly find unusual cases in the data. These cases might be of great interest of managers so that they can find out high costs situations, frauds or even new oportunities that would not be seem through traditional ways.

Use VORTX Discoverer to discover critical factors for success or failure, as well as the conditions where they manifest. For instance, which are the main factors that potentiate sales? And, under which conditions does the client buys more or less? Discover the real persona of your clients, operations, processes and others with the power of VORTX Organizer's Swarm Intelligence. Use VORTX's Commander feature to create real time actions. The Commander is an Artificial Intelligence agent that automatically looks for the best decision given the context

Contact Person: 
Joni Hoppen

User Categories: 
Infra managers
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Specific benefits / Value Proposition: 
It is a powerful processing tool for market segmentation and business resources optimization. It makes possible to identify (based on data behaviour) who are your main targeted customers and the degree of relevance of each segment, detecting and anticipating new business opportunities or/and frauds based on consumer behaviour patterns.

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Owner type: Small & Medium Enterprise

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