Vallum: Privacy, Confidentiality and Access Rights in Hostile Environments

Vallum: Privacy, Confidentiality and Access Rights in Hostile Environments

Vallum is an architecture for storing and processing sensitive data in cloud environments respecting access, authorization and privacy constraints. It is a framework for data protection in third-party environments, ensuring security and that queries do not violate access and privacy policies defined by the data owner. Vallum can be seen as a layer to protect the data and the data engine from direct access. Itis based on SCONE and represents the trustworthy way to store and process data in the cloud.

Contact Person: 
Andre Carvalho

Current Users: 
PRIMAGE project (Europe)

User Categories: 
Network managers
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Specific needs / Value Proposition: 
Transparent secure data processing, with embedded privacy constraints compliance. Suitabl for SGX enabled cloud infrastructure, and replication capabilities for much larger datasets.

Specific benefits / Value Proposition: 
A single access point to isolate multiple data engines, while providing a centralized authentication, authorization and privacy constraints and secure processing leveraging SGX Enclaves

At the end of ATMOSPHERE project, PRIMAGE is evaluating the suitability Vallum. PRIMAGE proposes a cloud-based platform to support decision making in the clinical management of malignant solid tumors, offering predictive tools to assist diagnosis & other
Owner (incl. Joint ownership): 
Federal University of Amazonas (Brazil) and Technische Universität Dresden (Germany)

Owner type: Academia/Research

Delivery Model: 

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