Sumbit your Position Paper for Cloudscape Brazil & WCN 2017

Cloudscape Brazil 2016 Position papersCloudscape Brazil 2017 is organized by EUBrasilCloudFORUM together with the Workshop on Cloud Networks (WCN) in the frame of the annual Conference of the Brazilian Computing Society (CSBC) 2017. The two events are jointly organized and the agendas complement with attention to reserch, industry and policy topics around cloud computing, IoT and 5G.

We are collecting position papers from all Cloudscape Brazil & WCN 2017 participants and stakeholders. This will give you excellent visibility both at the event, where all accepted papers will be invited to present in a dedicated session scheduled on Thursday 6th July, and through the EUBrasilCloudFORUM website where your paper will also be published. Position papers will contribute to the release of EUBrasilCloudFORUM EU-Brazil Research and Innovation Roadmap and Action Plan related to Cloud Computing.


Please note that the deadline for submission is the 25th June 2017, midnight UTC. extended until Friday, 30th June, midnight UTC!


WCN & Cloudscape Brazil 2017 Focus themes include:

  1. Data Protection Regulation. Today, Europe and Brazil are experiencing a unique opportunity to work on an EU-Brazil harmonized data protection framework, with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), aligning data protection laws across the Member States, which could be a good example to apply in Brazil, where a new law proposal is currently under discussion by a special commission dealing with data collection and protection.
  2. Trustworthy cloud for Industry 4.0. We are now in the Industry 4.0 era, in which every company is going digital, requiring R&D partnerships with the involvement of businesses. Cloud is the foundational technology from which to build up and scale out. However, trust remains a fundamental issue, where it is important to offer trusted services and solutions to the business community.
  3. Privacy awareness and security of cloud applications. Is the perception of privacy the same in Brazil and EU? When we have an agreed vision of what the private data is and what needs to be protected, we can move towards solving the technical issues. No matter if other countries are protected, if I am not guaranteed where the data will end up, it is meaningless. An open issue is how to enforce and control the privacy agreements, like Service Level Agreements.
  4. Cloud to the edge: computation to the edge can push data storage, data analytics, intelligence, in order to improve performance and flexibility while reducing costs, by leveraging an enormous amount of edge resources, such as sensors, smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
  5. Common technological and legal framework for managing security and privacy aspects on cloud: to align Europe and Brazil regarding the technological and legal framework for security and privacy management  to facilitate further collaboration in the context of cloud computing.
  6. EU-Brazil common standards: to establish common standards for data collection, data protection, reliable system communication and integration, security and privacy management is still needed to facilitate further collaboration between Europe and Brazil program managers, researchers, and industries.
  7. Cloud sustained cyber-physical systems and systems of systems: to leverage the large amount of cloud storage and computing resources for providing enhanced functionality in the network environment with 24/7 availability, with a high degree of adaptability, and with an increased level of safety and security to face the needs of a changing world.
  8. Cloud federation at cross-regional level: Cloud federation today goes far beyond technology federation to encompass those “de facto” standards that comply to market. Many other barriers prevent today the creation of a strong Cloud Computing market. Standardization is convergence on best practices where small margins consolidate few interfaces. To support federation of data and resources in an effective way, addressing privacy, synchronization, and portability is the challenge today to ease and accelerate the data flow between Europe and Brazil
  9. Cloud supported innovative and inclusive societies: to promote entrepreneurship and innovation by democratizing the access to information, resources, and advanced tools that were before only available to large companies and wealthy countries.
  10. High Performance Computing (HPC) in Cloud environments: to use the aggregated computational power of cloud resources for HPC applications.


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