Claudio Caimi, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Italy

Claudio Caimi, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Italy

Claudio Caimi, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Italy

"I will bring knowledge on Cloud federation as a mean to streamline collaboration between Europe and Brazil on a common digital platform, proposing Cloud28+ ( as the possible realistic mean. I will bring experience in the field of data protection and legal compliancy as well, as subject of major interest these days, affecting every business domain."

Claudio is a Hewlett Packard Enterprise employee since October 2000 with a specific focus on program management and marketing activities, working since October 2007 at the Italy Innovation Centre (IIC).

He holds has a long experience dealing with customers on different fields: Business Printers, Banking sector, Research and Innovation. He has a strong technical background, edging as a Unix Kernel research and developer for 3 years at Olivetti and Honeywell-Bull.

Claudio holds a master’s degree in Computer Science, a master in Marketing and a PMI certificate.

At the Italy Innovation Centre Claudio main focus is on subject of Cloud Computing and security/data protection on Cloud.

He is currently coordinating the FP7 Coco Cloud project ( and managing some others in the field of cloud and security. His contribution to the IIC eam is particularly toward innovation and exploitation, supporting the team in business and marketing activities for an effective technology transfer, working closely with the HP EMEA Cloud Team. He is an active member of the HPE initiative named Cloud28+ (


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