Andrea Bondavalli, Informatic and Maths Department (DiMal), Florence University - Italy

Andrea Bondavalli, Informatic and Maths Department (DiMal), Florence University - Italy

 "I am particularly interested in the integration of Cloud and Cyber-physical Systems and Systems of Systems, where IoT and Big Data have to merge. I have been intensively working on CPSoS, coordinating a the AMADEOS eu project on SOSes and I am eager to discuss the relevant issues that need to be addressed for a proper integration of SOS and the Cloud."

Andrea Bondavalli is a Full Professor of Computer Science at the University of Firenze. Previously he has been a researcher and a senior researcher of the Italian National Research Council, working at the CNUCE Institute in Pisa. His research activity is focused on Dependability, Resilience and Security of Cyber-Physical Systems and Critical Infrastructures. His scientific activities have originated more than 160 papers appeared in international Journals and Conferences.

Andrea Bondavalli supports as an expert the European Commission in the selection and evaluation of project proposals and regularly consults companies in the application field. Andrea Bondavalli led various national and European. Now is the coordinator of the FP7 “AMADEOS” and of the FP7 “CECRIS”, and contributes to the FP7 “DEVASSES” and to the Smartcity “IRENE” Andrea Bondavalli participates to(and has been chairing) the program committee in several International Conferences such as IEEE FTCS, IEEE SRDS, EDCC, IEEE HASE, IEEE ISORC, IEEE ISADS, IEEE DSN, SAFECOMP.

He is the chair of the Steering Committees of IEEE SRDS and a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Critical Computer-Based Systems. Andrea Bondavalli is a member of the IEEE, the IFIP W.G. 10.4 Working Group on "Dependable Computing and Fault-Tolerance".

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