uCloud and uStorage creating public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures

This session will introduce uCloud and uStorages two platforms developed by Ustore that will allow the implementation of public, private or hybrid hierarchical solutions for cloud computing.

To be presented:

  • 1) Cloud storage: uStorage / uDrive are two integrated products that controls any file backups and versioning inside the corporation focusing on faster file transmissions and improve disaster recover, once files are replicated in peers. In addition, uDrive uses iSCSI technology to improve file transfer speed and synchronization between LUNS. Both products were sold and delivered to Brazilian DoD, some state angencies and big private companies such Brazilian carries, integrators and so on.
  • 2) Cloud infrastructure manager: uCloud can control in-house datacenters offering the possibilities to ofer public, private and hybrid solutions, including virtual machines, network, billing, DNS, Load Balancers, Traffic shaping , template management, and storage management. uCloud is on its way to be deployed as a solution for private cloud management at PRODAP (www.prodap.ap.gov.br), ATI on Pernambuco, Algar Tech, Mob Solution, ATOS and others.

Nowadays Ustore solutions manage more then 5PB of Data, 3000 Cores, 5 TB fo RAM on ours clients.

Relevance for Cloudscape Brazil and Workshop on Cloud Networks 2017: 

This presentation can show to the Cloudscape Brazil Participants a detailed description of how Ustore implement their solutions, cases and the roadmap focusing on research and market.


Rodrigo Assad, USTORE/UFRPE

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