MyMeedia - Social-powered multimedia hubs simplified

Carefully crafted original content and social media updates can disappear quickly in the noise of the online world. The silo nature of the social world is also hindering the potential impact. Content becomes strategic only when easily accessible and travelling across channels.

We propose to demo MyMeedia (, a SaaS service that simplifies the creation of social-powered multimedia hubs by allowing users to combine own content, which they have explicitly uploaded to MyMeedia or is being fetched from a repository, with content originating on social media networks or web feeds.
The aggregated content is automatically analysed, enhanced and indexed so that it can be retrieved and re-used more easily. The hub owner can thus easily access from a single, centralised place all content of interest. From here it is possible to explore insights into the data and information contained within the content, perform advanced faceted searches, create custom views on the different segments of interest, discover influencers, key stakeholders & actors, connections & relations, and finally publish and present the content in new ways. This is done through smart collections and stories which can be private, public or hidden and have custom layouts that look great on all screens and devices.

Thus, MyMeedia creates communities around topics of interest that clients use to gain intelligence on what matters to them and showcase the things they case about. Our clients include events, brands, destinations and project teams which use the service to:

  • Drive, connect and engage with audiences
  • Save time on managing content
  • Capture excitement on social and create more compelling content and experiences
  • Build up knowledge and share insights and files privately
  • Highlight best moments and promote their products and services


Relevance for Cloudscape Brazil and Workshop on Cloud Networks 2017: 

MyMeedia is a cloud service using state of the art technologies which are relevant to all participants. Moreover, we are very interested in finding suitable partners either to create joint commercial offerings or to enhance the capabilities of existing solutions (e.g. by integrating 3rd party services in the backend processing pipelines of MyMeedia.)


Alexandru Stan, IN2 search interfaces development Ltd

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