Presenting the first app to generate via cloud fully customized apps for you to enhance your business sales.

It has never been easier to build your own mobile commerce or marketplace app: Mobb is an amazing app builder that will provide a complete sales solution. It is perfect for business men that wish to have their own space in App Store and Google Store with accessible prices. The payment solution in your app will come integrated for people who wish to launch their app and start selling products and services. It comes with payment integration, split payment for marketplace, in iOS and Android.

Relevance for Cloudscape Brazil and Workshop on Cloud Networks 2017: 

This innovative product will provide a technical solution for non-technical professionals, and after configuring the app, it will be published in both App Store and Google Store. This solution is cloud based and it is automatizing processes that have alway been manual. Mobb is one real start up machine.

It would not be possible to develop this solution without Clouding: the infrastructure is all based in cloud platform. Mobb's aim is to make it possible at a low cost for people to create and manage their own business apps without needing to know how to code. 



Breno Leoni Ebeling, Monica Leoni Ebeling and Erico de Castro Ebeling

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