GEMA is a creative technology company, mainly focused on creating interactive and immersive experiences for Museums. We combine technology, audiovisual and creativity to come up with solutions such as video mapping, 4D rooms, immersive environments, holograms, virtual reality, augmented reality, videoguides, games, interactive installations and multitouch applications.

Gema’s role in the project is related to the definition and development of the augmented reality module, namely the virtual cataloguer and the monitor - the augmented reality tools that will (i) allow the user to track the major energy equipments in the house and (ii) to interact with all energy centered information and equipments in order to manage the user’s day-to-day activities.
The role will be mainly focused on the conceptualization of algorithms, that will enable a correct feature, tracking and development of the application's design.

Activity targets:

  • GEMA will present the application in all trade shows, namely in the museums and heritage (London) and Museum Connection (Paris);
  • GEMA will promote the applications of the Virtual Cataloguer and Monitor in the following tech trade summits: Websummit, Mobile Word Congress and CEBIT.
  • GEMA develops applications for museums, stores and corporate buildings. This energy management application will be (commercially) offered to all GEMA´s clients;
  • GEMA will develop a webpage for this particular product and disseminate it with Google Adwords



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