SCONE - Secure Container Orchestration

SCONE - Secure Container Orchestration

A platform that enables applications running distributedly on different administrative domains to be attested and validated, preventing modification from being unnoticed.

Contact Person: 
Andrey Brito, Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil Christof Fetzer, Technische Universität Dresden

Current Users: 
SCONTAIN (Germany). Continuous evaluation and enhancement of SCONE in different aspects is planned, such as continuous security improvements and the adaption to benefit from upcoming technologies. These actions will be implemented through research projects, for example, the CloudKritis project, and through the research being carried out by several PhD and master students in both Brazil and Europe.

User Categories: 
Network managers
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Community / market sectors: 
Service providers, application developers and IT administrators.

Specific needs / Value Proposition: 
Enforcement of data access control to trusted applications, with a security mechanism for integrity, validation of apps on federated clouds.

Specific benefits / Value Proposition: 
Building block for the secure services and orchestrator for federated clouds.

Owner (incl. Joint ownership): 
Federal University of Campina Grande (Brazil) and Technische Universität Dresden (Europe)

Owner type: Academia/Research

Delivery Model: 
Open source

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