PRIVAaaS is a software toolkit that provides a set of libraries and services that allow to control and reduce the data leakage in the context of big data processing and, consequently, to protect sensitive information.

The process is divided into two perspectives which model different aspects of the anonymization problem: the first perspective is related to the anonymization of the loaded input data, while the second is related to the anonymization of the data resulting from the data processing algorithms. The result is output data that is anonymized for the intended usage scenario. 

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Current Users: 
PRIVAaaS has been developed to be used in scenarios that involve the processing of massive amounts of data that may contain or lead to privacy-sensitive information.

User Categories: 
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Community / market sectors: 
As data anonymization is currently relevant in several sectors, PRIVAaaS can be used in all sectors that take advantage of big data analytics techniques: as government, health, private companies, etc.

Specific benefits / Value Proposition: 
A unified platform for big data management which includes security and privacy protection. It implements different anonymization techniques and models, including the calculation of data disclosure risk; - Software Service, which depends only on its well-defined interface to be adapted to different systems context; - Based on open source programming language; - Data can be uploaded through json/csv files - The anonymization policy guides the anonymization process, which can be done automatically, letting privacy specialists free from this task. - The ontology describes a vocabulary for anonymization and can be adapted to different policies for different scenarios.

PRIVAaaS is still under development. A first release of the service that implements some anonymization techniques is available. A second release with anonymization models and data disclosure risk calculation will be available till the end of 2017.

Owner type: Academia/Research

Delivery Model: 
Open source

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