Ustore – Innovating and reducing costs on cloud ready management solutions

Rodrigo Elia Assad, Vinicius Cardoso Garcia, Leandro Marques do Nascimento
Focus Area: 

Trustworthy cloud for Industry 4.0; Cloud to the edge; Cloud sustained cyber-physical systems and systems of systems

Who stands to benefit and how : 

Companies of all size which plan on maintaining their own private cloud infrastructure; cloud entrepreneurs who envisage to leverage their cloud services by enhancing security and keeping in-house all processed data; government and/or public companies, which need to maintain citizens’ information inside country’s borders, avoiding espionage and improving national security; practitioners and enthusiasts of cloud computing

Position Paper: 

Information security is a major concern of private or public organizations of all size. After WikiLeaks’ publications followed by Edward Snowden’s revelations, a worldwide red alert has been sent. Overall, information is becoming the main asset of any type of business and transmitting, processing or storing it need to be executed with caution. Considering the current widespread popularity of could computing services, companies’ information tend not to be maintained on their own, but on third party servers. In order to avoid strategic information leaking and security breaches, Brazilian government even sanctioned a federal law obligating public institutions to maintain all information in their own servers. In agreement with Brazilian laws, one of the first steps to take security seriously into account is not giving away your sensitive data to other organizations to process and/or store. Even transmitting sensitive data over the Internet would be dangerous. This context fired up a search for products that may replace common cloud services, but using internal company infrastructure.

Ustore have been developing and delivering such products to several clients in Brazil for about five years, leveraging private cloud infrastructures and allowing companies of all size to keep and maintain their sensitive data in the house. This position paper describes Ustore products and their evolution over the last year. These products may help on reducing costs with third party services is the long term, such as corporate e-mail or file storage.

Following are some successful cases of Ustore products: 1) Corporate e-mail: uMail is the software to keep corporate e-mail at maximum security. It uses cryptography for all exchanged messages, it allows access to contact list and calendar and integrate to a customized storage tool that allows all the attached files to be saved properly in a virtual drive. This product was successfully sold and delivered to Brazilian Department of Defense and is responsible for managing thousands of corporate mail accounts. 2) Cloud storage: uStorage / uDrive are two integrated products that controls any file backups and versioning inside the corporation based on P2P technology to faster file transmissions and improve disaster recover, once files are replicated in peers. In addition, uDrive uses iSCSI technology to improve file transfer speed. Both products were sold and delivered to Brazilian DoD as, a complete solution integrated with uMail. 3) Cloud infrastructure manager: uCloud can control in-house datacenters, including virtual machines, network and storage management. uCloud is on its way to be deployed as a solution for private cloud management at PRODAP (, an IT government company of Amapa State, Brazil. The solution will be used to manage 512 CPUs, 2048 gigabytes of RAM and 60 terabytes of storage, approximately. 4) Desktop virtualization: integrated to uCloud solution, uVDI allows desktop virtualization over a private cloud infrastructure. This means that the company would not need to provide a computer for every employee, reducing costs of ownership and maintenance. With uVDI, it is possible to instantiate several virtual machines with the same configuration for hundreds of employees within minutes.

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