The GigaPonto Project - Commodity computing based cloud infrastructure

Paulo A. A. Resende, Leonardo Lazarte, André C. Drummond
Focus Area: 

Cloud supported innovative and inclusive societies

Who stands to benefit and how : 

Research and Higher Educations institutions on the Federal District of Brazil. Society as whole by implementing an accessible infrastructure for community services. A second stage of the project aims to make available edge computing on the region.

Position Paper: 

GigaCandanga is an academic and research metropolitan network based on Brazil's Federal District. It was part of a national initiative which begun in 2005 with resources from the Ministry of Science and Technology. In 2007 GigaCandanga begun operating based on an infrastructure of around 65 km connecting 15 institutions related to research and higher education. Currently it serves more than 30 institutions and has more than 500 km of optical fiber cables in operation. In the last couple of years the institutions had begun to demand services which go beyond basic connectivity. That led to the offering of some applications, but after a while it became clear that there was a ground demand to expand our infrastructure in order to serve areas in which the institutions felt difficulties to expand their own infrastructures.

After considering different options, it was decided that the best investment to attend the increasing demand for storage and processing infrastructure would be to build cloud services for GigaCandanga's users. The successful development of a cloud environment must provide high connectivity, information security compliance and fully compliant with Brazilian law. In this context, GigaCandanga is developing the GigaPonto Project, which proposes to provide inexpensive and reliable data center infrastructure using commodity computing and recycled intermodal containers. In the first phase it is planned to implement three data centers in different physical places connected by the network and implementing software redundancy to achieve high uptime rates.

We are proposing an innovative approach to the proposed solution to address the challenges of making an inexpensive infrastructure with high availability and energy efficiency. Those challenges point out to many R&D questions, e.g., how to adopt renewable energy systems on micro power grids (solar and wind), development and implementation of efficient non-conventional refrigeration systems, localization and optimization of the supply chain, among others. Besides directly providing cloud services to GigaCandanga's consortium members and partners, the project has the vision to increase substantially the local infrastructure in the cities on our region. Additionally it aims to promote local entrepreneurship and the interaction with all the stakeholders in the production chain. In general, the project contributes by democratizing access to resources and enables the edge computation, by providing local infrastructures for cities. We will make all the knowledge acquired during the development of the project available to entrepreneurs and other initiatives which could benefit of our experience.

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