Cloud28+ - A Cloud of Clouds to address the Digital Single Market Strategy and to support Enterprises and Public Sector Agencies

Claudio Caimi, Mailys Demeoulte, Andrea Monaci
Focus Area: 

In the digital era, Enterprises to select the proper software services to support their business and Enterprises making their living to sell digital services are struggling to achieve their respective objectives. Cloud28+ is addressing these issues, covering “special focus” like vendor lock-in, trustworthy, SLA and cross-domain orchestration. Cloud28+ combines a central platform—a cloud service library—with the distributed development of cloud services, as well as the subscription to those services and execution of them via local IT service providers.

Who stands to benefit and how : 

Cloud28+ proposes a platform for cloud services. As such beneficiaries of the initiative are from both side Cloud Services Vendors and Cloud Services buyers. On the Cloud service Vendors side is a community made of: cloud service providers, independent software vendors, system integrators, consulting firms, legal firms. On the end user side are Enterprises, either private or public, eager to exploit the economic and business advantages offered by the cloud.

Position Paper: 

In today’s age of smartphones and tablets, European consumers regularly turn to digital app marketplaces to meet their needs for entertainment and tools to improve their daily lives. In turn, these app stores offer software companies of all sizes the opportunity to reach millions of potential customers. App ratings and recommendations guide the consumer in his/her selection, providing an increased opportunity for quality service providers to prosper. While often invisible to the consumer, who enjoys a high level of freedom in selecting the services that best meet his/her needs on the device of his/her choice, the central marketplace provides a unified framework in regard to terms and conditions. Where can digital users like European enterprises and public organizations go for a similar experience tied to services that match their business needs? Where can they find services that meet their heightened requirements concerning data privacy, service level agreements, and security? To meet this challenge of increasing business cloud services and providing new business opportunities for local cloud service providers in Europe, Helwett-Packard Enterprise has initiated the Cloud28+ community. Cloud28+ is a federation of Service Providers, resellers, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), system integrators and government entities providing an online catalogue of trusted cloud services – a “Cloud of Clouds,” made in Europe and secured locally. By connecting their own catalogues or clouds of applications, service providers in the community can offer end customers a broader range of applications, while expanding their own geographic reach. In turn, end users can search for cloud applications according to workload requirements, geographic location and price. The central cloud repository provides end customers with a set framework for security and terms and conditions,while they can gain quality of service and adherence to native market conditions by selecting a local IT partner of their choice. Cloud28+ combines a central platform—a cloud service library—with the distributed development of cloud services, as well as the subscription to those services and execution of them via local IT service providers. If a Service Provider in France, for example, designs a “smart city” cloud service for Paris and then publishes that service on the Cloud28+ platform, a Service Provider in the UK looking to roll out a similar service for the city of London could discover it in Cloud28+ and then subscribe to it via the UK Service Provider and execute it locally in its own data center for data privacy reasons. To ensure Cloud28+ remains open to all vendors and service providers, while easing interoperability issues, Hewlett Packard Enterprise advocates the use of open source technologies, including the cloud platform HPE Helion OpenStack. As such, Cloud28+ from ongoing HPE investment and leadership in the OpenStack community, including significant contributions in terms of funding, resource allocation, testing, code, and training.

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