Move2Cloud service helps companies with complex IT architecture to achieve cloud benefits while maintaining stability of their mission critical systems. It is an expert service spanning from cloud solutions advisory, auditing as-is architecture, designing of cloud architecture, with intermediate stages to cloud deployment, maintenance and operation.
The first purpose of the Move2Cloud service is to audit the current as-is architecture and make a high level estimation of the possible costs of moving it to the cloud based architecture with identification of business benefits, impact on IT operations and preparation of a high level schedule of a migration. The next step is a preparation of the to-be cloud architecture with intermediate stages between as-is situation and desired to-be stage. The result also contains recommendation on which cloud service provider or solution will be optimal for this particular case.
The high level list of changes in IT systems needed to migrate to cloud is prepared. Also the result of the service is a preparation of high level project plan, with more detailed schedule and most important tasks which should be done to accomplish migration to the cloud. We focus on intermediate stages, to properly plan and deploy architecture for hybrid cloud, in transition phase, when some systems are still deployed using traditional infrastructure and some of them are deployed to the cloud provider.

Contact Person: 
Paweł Skrzypek

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Infra managers
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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Owner type: Small & Medium Enterprise

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