Melodic helps enterprise clients reduce costs of the cloud while avoiding vendor lock-in with one specific cloud provider. It is achieved by using Melodic platform. Melodic calculates best multi-cloud options for an application. Deployment is also fully automatic. As a result your team does not waste time, money and can focus on the core of their competence while multi-cloud complexity is made simple and manageable.
With Melodic platform you specify the needs of your application just once and forget about differences between cloud operators, multiple admin panels and other headaches.

This approach is far more superior to manual operations when aspects like provisioning, scalability, jurisdiction, service level and changing costs of specific cloud services have to be taken into account. The underlying software making this possible is an Open Source project created by a consortium with the European Commision that is a part of. Full adoption of Open Source and Open Standards approach makes sure that end-users of the Melodic platform have full control and will not be trapped in a vendor lock-in scenario.

Contact Person: 
Paweł Skrzypek

Current Users: 

User Categories: 
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Community / market sectors: 
Start-ups and SMEs, having not the time and money to find a matching target group and gain deep market insights, collaboratively develop software that meets the customers’ needs. Tech-savvy customers, being interested in current developments from software

Specific needs / Value Proposition: 
Multi-cloud complexity made simple and manageable.

Specific benefits / Value Proposition: 
Specify your needs once and forget about differences between cloud operators, multiple admin panels and other headaches. Melodic will take care of your app. Provisioning? Deployment? Scalability? Service level? Jurisdiction? Cost concerns? Monitoring?


Owner type: Small & Medium Enterprise

Delivery Model: 

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