Lemobb - São Paulo, Brazil

Lemobb - São Paulo, Brazil

The company is focused on mobile commerce, marketplaces and big data solutions. All apps developed were about content integration or dots in services chain connection. Social Networks, On Demand and IoT with Big Data are the theme projects Lemobb has delivered to its contractors. Lemobb's field of expertise are Mobile and Web Development, APIs Integration, Knowledge Chain. We will provide one customization app and deliver a Mobile Commerce or Mobile Marketplace entire solution, payment service integrated. The derivable will be professional apps for selling services or products.


Lemobb's main product is "Mobb", one app designed to provide Mobile Commerce or Marketplaces ready-to-go apps. Have you ever thought about building one Uber-business-model-app? With this app and a few touches in your mobile screen it will become viable.

Target users:  Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Sales Agents

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    Breno Leoni Ebeling, CEO - São Paulo, Brazil

     Based in São Paulo - Brazil, Breno Ebeling founded Lemobb, a mobile market company. With experience on finance, sales, management, planning and data analysis, Breno is also engaged in programming and natural languages. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Economic Science from University of São Paulo (USP).

    LinkedIn: Breno Leoni Ebeling

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