Infrastructure AAA

Infrastructure AAA

Infrastructure AAA is a software component that provides a common Identity and Access Management (IAM) service interface to the EUBra-BIGSEA Infrastructure resources, independently of the underlying cloud framework (e.g. OpenStack, CloudStack, commercial frameworks).
This service corresponds to a high-level abstraction layer, mapping with and extending the native IAM features of each cloud framework to be supported by the EUBra-BIGSEA platform. It may also be considered as a horizontal/feature extension of UPV’s IM (Infrastructure Manager).

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Current Users: 
Infrastructure AAA is being developed to be used in specific scope of the EUBra-BIGSEA framework. More specifically, it was designed so that application developers/providers have a single, unified authentication and authorization interface for accessing underlying cloud resources when deploying and managing their applications.

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Community / market sectors: 
Big data scientists, big data software developers Business analytics software development Volume, velocity and variety Data Quality-oriented preprocessing

Specific benefits / Value Proposition: 
EUBra-BIGSEA Infrastructure AAA value is the possibility of using a common, platform-neutral interface for authentication and authorization when accessing cloud resources. It will not extend the functionalities covered by platform-dependent services (e.g. OpenStack’s keystone), but it will abstract them in a higher-level access point.

In the future, it may be made available to the community to be used in (or, most likely, adapted to) other contexts and other sectors.
Owner (incl. Joint ownership): 
UNICAMP and Universidade de Coimbra

Owner type: Academia/Research

Delivery Model: 
Open source

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