Infraspeak is a powerful platform developed to make buildings smarter and the life and work easier for managers and technicians. It is a fully customizable solution, that uses innovative technologies like NFC, APIs, APPS, and sensors, to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs of maintenance, and more.

Contact Person: 
Felipe Ávila da Costa

Current Users: 
Facility managers, Maintenance managers, Operations Managers, technicians, and staff.

User Categories: 

Community / market sectors: 
Technical Assistance, Facility Management Companies, Hospitality, and Retail.

Specific needs / Value Proposition: 
Technical operations, as maintenance management, audits and more, could be overwhelming to managers and a hard task for technicians. Excessive paperwork makes it all more difficult and bureaucratic. With Infraspeak, technical operations can be controlled in a single platform with multiple interfaces for managers, technicians, staff and also executives, reducing bureaucracy, and costs.

Specific benefits / Value Proposition: 
Infraspeak is a paper free platform that reduces failure resolution time, improves team efficiency, makes management easier, and brings benefits to companies that are directly felt by their customers.

Infraspeak counts over 80 customers in Portugal, UK, Brazil, and Angola and it is now expanding operations to Spain to keep growing at a fast pace.
Owner (incl. Joint ownership): 

Owner type: Small & Medium Enterprise

Delivery Model: 

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