IN2 search interfaces development - United Kingdom

IN2 search interfaces development - United Kingdom

IN2’s mission is to provide software solutions that simplifies how businesses and people collect, organise, discover and present digital content. The company builds cutting-edge scalable software for the web. We work both on back-end services, user interfaces and interaction as well as application provisioning from our own private cloud (DevOps). Our backend consists of an in-house flexible web-based platform for aggregating, analysing, managing and publishing both social media interaction and audiovisual content (photos, videos, documents, audio files). On the front-end, we develop interactive content-rich applications using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 following responsive web design techniques.

IN2 has a large experience in R&D activities and the transfer of that knowledge to market. The company works closely with top universities, actively shaping research in the fields of social media, digital content, digital culture, and cultural heritage. IN2 is a Steering Board member of the New European Media (NEM) and has experience both as a partner and as a coordinator in many EC-funded projects.

IN2's core technology is based on an advanced cloud-based media management and publishing platform ( that provides a full range of components to realise content-rich, web-based applications.

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    The main features of this platform are:

    • - Importing and ingesting: Import everything you need to - from multimedia files, documents and photos, to social streams, web feeds and open data.
    • - Processing: Once content is imported and depending on your requirements, trigger advanced content-based indexing search and retrieval components to let users explore and discover your data.
    • - Adding metadata and annotations: handy and easy to use tools to geotag, annotate and enhance your content with additional keywords and tags that you find relevant.
    • - Creating: Build campaigns, engaging collections, social walls, exciting themes, virtual exhibitions, guided tours and many more. Intuitive tools for curating and storytelling. Highlight what you need to and relate your content together.
    • - Publishing: What you created with the platform can be integrated into another website or app. We speak HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript and will help you develop the interface you dream of.


    Create instantly a hub for all your content: multimedia files, social streams and web feeds with MyMeedia ( - Social-powered multimedia hubs simplified.

    • - COLLECT: Photos, documents, audiovisual files, social streams & web feeds.
    • - ORGANISE: Tags, topics, interests, ideas, projects, highlights & moments.
    • - DISCOVER: Influencers, key stakeholders & actors, connections & relations.
    • - PRESENT: Custom layouts, private, public & hidden, for all screens & devices.

    Target users: Creative Industry SMEs, event organisers, destination marketing organisations

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    George Ioannidis, Director - Edinburgh, UK

    Dr. George Ioannidis holds a Master of Science (MSEE) and a doctoral degree (PhD) in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the National Technical University of Athens and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused on innovation management. After positions in academia among others as the head of the image and video analysis group at the Center for Computing Technologies in Bremen, he founded IN2 in 2005.

    LinkedIn: George Ioannidis

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