DQaaS - Data Quality-as-a-Service

DQaaS - Data Quality-as-a-Service

DQaaS is a service that aims to provide information about the quality of a requested dataset. Data Quality helps applications and users in understanding the degree with which a dataset is suitable for their goals. In particular, considering a dataset, the service (i) offers the access to different quality metrics periodically evaluated and (ii) allows applications and users to evaluated additional quality metrics at different granularity metrics.

Contact Person: 

Current Users: 
DQaaS is currently still under testing and development. Tests are conducted in the academic environment. The tool has been developed for internal use within university, though it could be used by data scientists or software developer to understand the quality of the datasets that they are considering for the development of their big data applications.

User Categories: 
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Community / market sectors: 
Big data scientists, big data software developers Business analytics software development Volume, velocity and variety Data Quality-oriented preprocessing

Specific needs / Value Proposition: 
DQaaS is designed for dealing with big data, thus it addresses volume and velocity requirements.

Specific benefits / Value Proposition: 
DQaaS is an adaptive service that enables users and application to access quality information and define new personalized metrics. DQaaS can be a service offered to different companies to evaluate the quality of the data in which they are interested.

A first release was completed by April 2017 and the next one is foreseen by end of 2017.
Owner (incl. Joint ownership): 
Politecnico di Milano

Owner type: Academia/Research

Delivery Model: 
Open source

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