doDOC is a collaborative information authoring and management platform, and is the solution to complexities and inefciencies in planning, drafting, editing, reviewing, and approving complex professional documents within your organization to leverage the true power of data as a decision-making tool. doDOC creates high value by streamlining document workflows, leading to faster drafting, review and approval, instant perfect formatting, and transparent project management lifecycle.

doDOC brings immediate business strategic value through real time collaboration, providing secure instant access to information, assisting decision-making processes, and ensuring business-critical operations to be executed through with the true potential of remote teams, unveiling the untapped value of enterprise content.

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Carlos Boto

Current Users: 
Research & Development Units | Academia, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, and Biotech Companies Medical and Scientific Communications | Academia, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, and Biotech Companies

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Research & Development Units and Medical & Scientific Communication Units | Academia and Life Science Organizations

Specific needs / Value Proposition: 
Currently, information authoring and management process are inefficient and non-collaborative. Documents that require contributions from internal and external collaborators require numerous drafts, tracking changes through email attachments, manual merging of changes, and ad-hoc version control. These processes consume significant time on zero-value-added activities and create conditions for miscommunication, data loss, and in some cases, lack of compliance. This directly affects the performance of companies on all levels of business. Companies generate information like never before in history, with many people in different and remote locations involved in its creation and use. Compliance risks have aggressively increased with the number and complexity of collaborative teams accessing business-critical content, and current solutions cannot solve this problem. They are stuck providing a 30-year-old approach, offering fragmented solutions when integration is required. Growing control over information and automation is key, and doDOC is the solution! The net results of integrating doDOC in the information processes of a company are automatic compliance, cost and risk reduction, and powerful insights of performance, productivity and quality.

Specific benefits / Value Proposition: 
Through its cloud-based platform, doDOC provides global secure access to authorized personnel (including external stakeholders) controlling and registering every action, with no need for local installations, complex setup or training costs, ensuring business continuity for any organization. The doDOC platform offers a single source of knowledge and information, providing content consistency, intelligent version-control and compliance automation across the different teams co-authoring, sharing, reviewing and approving tasks. doDOC significantly reduces the time spent in the production of all types of documentation (SOPs, protocols, regulatory documentation, medical and scientific articles, etc.) offering full control over your projects and the automatic production of perfectly designed and formatted projects, customized to follow the organization’s templates. doDOC is power over information, providing real-time oversight of document/project/team development status. doDOC registers every single action, providing a comprehensive audit-trail (what information changed, when and where and by whom), producing project reports and productivity assessments based on actual work.

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Owner type: Small & Medium Enterprise

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