Cloudscape Brazil 2017 Demos

Altitude Xperience - Pay Small, Experience Big

A complete Solution adapted to your needs! Altitude Xperience is a flexible contact center solution with features and service plans fit for customer-centric businesses aiming for growth. The Altitude Xperience advanced functionality, high scalability, setup simplicity and flexible subscription plans, enable accelerated business impact. Companies immediately benefit from using enterprise-class tools and features in a flexible, secure and scalable cloud environment.

uCloud and uStorage creating public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures

This session will introduce uCloud and uStorages two platforms developed by Ustore that will allow the implementation of public, private or hybrid hierarchical solutions for cloud computing.


Presenting the first app to generate via cloud fully customized apps for you to enhance your business sales. It has never been easier to build your own mobile commerce or marketplace app: Mobb is an amazing app builder that will provide a complete sales solution. It is perfect for business men that wish to have their own space in App Store and Google Store with accessible prices.


GEMA is a creative technology company, mainly focused on creating interactive and immersive experiences for Museums. We combine technology, audiovisual and creativity to come up with solutions such as video mapping, 4D rooms, immersive environments, holograms, virtual reality, augmented reality, videoguides, games, interactive installations and multitouch applications.

VersaCloud - Cloud-base time-limited transaction management

Based on software requirements demanded by the cloud computing environment, MBI develops the VersaCloud transaction manager, a cloud-based tool that provides these requirements as a service, functioning simultaneously as a transaction manager and API mediator, plus a wealth of additional services.

Melodic as the platform for efficent mulcloud usage and optimization

The MELODIC platform will enable data-intensive applications to run within defined security, cost, and performance boundaries seamlessly on geographically distributed and federated cloud infrastructures.

MyMeedia - Social-powered multimedia hubs simplified

Carefully crafted original content and social media updates can disappear quickly in the noise of the online world. The silo nature of the social world is also hindering the potential impact. Content becomes strategic only when easily accessible and travelling across channels. MyMeedia is a SaaS service that simplifies the creation of social-powered multimedia hubs by allowing users to combine own content, which they have explicitly uploaded to MyMeedia or is being fetched from a repository, with content originating on social media networks or web feeds.

YDreams Global

YDreams Global thrives because of the unique combination of technology, design and strategy in its projects.

Demonstration of Future Internet of Things with NovaGenesis

Internet of things (IoT) has been deeply challenging current Internet architecture. Many limitations, like weak security, data distribution efficiency, provenance and traceability of sources, excessive human intervention, lack of interoperability and service-awareness in devices configuration, have been exposed now and are calling attention of society. NovaGenesis addresses these limitations.


WisoApp is a cloud platform that will allow Retail Stores a simple way to distribute geolocated digital content and create geolocated digital communication channels improving interaction with their customers and delivering a better buyng experience.

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