Cloud Quality

Cloud Quality

Cloud Quality is a service mix of cloud architecture and quality assurance competencies dedicated for cloud intensive project with high potential of test automation.

Contact Person: 
Katarzyna Materka

Current Users: 
Clients like Conforama France, Empik, Melodic (Horizon 2020) and CSS (middleware for the insurance market).

User Categories: 
Infra managers

Specific needs / Value Proposition: 
Cloud Quality helps companies run quality assurance process in the context of modern and complex cloud and multi-cloud environments. To make this happen unique blend of expertise in quality assurance (all our engineers are ISTBQ certified) and cloud computing (7bulls is a member of a consortium with the European Commision standardising CAMEL a multi-cloud description language) is required.

Specific benefits / Value Proposition: 
We combine quality assurance and cloud architecture competence for cloud intensive projects with a high potential of test automation. IT systems ordering and quality acceptance: 1) System TCO reduced by 25% on average 2) Decrease in critical post-implementation failures by more than 80% 3) On average fewer 80% changes after system implementation The ability to synthesize information is vital. A single page is enough to demonstrate the results. We believe that reports on the development process should show the current status and trends in a project at a glance, without the need to read numerous pages.

Owner (incl. Joint ownership): 

Owner type: Small & Medium Enterprise

Delivery Model: 

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