Interested in Future EU-BR Cloud Computing Research? Here are the Hot Topics

February 22 2017

Interested in Future EU-BR Cloud Computing Research? Here are the Hot Topics

EUBrasilCloudFORUM just released its Preliminary Research Roadmap on cloud computing. The document provides an in-depth analysis of the current situation of research collaboration in cloud computing between Europe and Brazil and provides a list of gaps and research opportunities between both regions and proposes future research topics.

The next Cloud generation? Three scenarios to be addressed

Cloud-to-the-edge, security and privacy, and Cyber-Physical Systems and Systems of Systems: according to the Preliminary Roadmap, these are the three main research topics that should be taken into consideration in the context of the upcoming EU-BR collaborative calls.

  • - Cloud-to-the-edge technologies: a future joint EU-Brazil research consortium is intended to develop innovative cloud-to-the-edge technologies leading to next generation solutions, based on robust standardized technologies. The research collaboration will also facilitate and enhance policy coordination between the EU and Brazil in relevant areas.
  • - Technological framework for security and privacy: another potential focus of joint research is the development of a technological framework to provide security and guarantee privacy in the future generation of big data processing, including infrastructures and services able to cope with the challenges from different application domains in business and societal contexts.
  • - Cloud for sustained Cyber-Physical Systems and Systems of Systems: innovative cloud technologies for sustained Cyber-Physical Systems and Systems of Systems, based on robust standardized technologies, are lacking in the current research landscape for cloud computing. Research collaboration in this technology will also facilitate and enhance policy coordination between the EU and Brazil in relevant areas.

The Roadmap develops a set of scenarios and drivers that, once mapped with the State of the Art of cloud computing research in the two regions, allow a better understanding of the research gaps that need to be filled, and the research opportunities and topics that should be addressed in future EU-BR Cloud computing joint calls, including security.

A Roadmap based on feedback from experts from all fields

EUBrasilCloudFORUM engaged with the project’s Advisory Board, composed of European and Brazilian senior experts, who recommended solutions to complex technical or policy issues. A Working Group was also created, with several highly-engaged members to support the development of the cloud computing sector and provide their comments on the most important topics to be addressed in future research collaboration. Plus, the events organised by EUBrasilCloudFORUM, both in Europe and Brazil, allowed to add further points of views, which enriched the information collected during the year.

A promising start for a consolidated final research roadmap

The document, built around a set of core concepts and following a well-defined process, should be seen as a working document that will serve as basis and support for developing the finalized research roadmap expected by the end of 2017.


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