ICT Week: European Union & Brazil debate about innovation and digital transformation

December 18 2017

ICT Week: European Union & Brazil debate about innovation and digital transformation

The 6th of December took place the Europe Brazil Cooperation Workshop in Brasília, in the premises of  ANATEL (Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações), having in the agenda speakers from both Brazil and Euope. In this meeting, there were presentations from all the projects funded under the third and fourth coordinated calls. In particular, there were presentations from EUBra-BIGSEA and ATMOSPHERE, both given by Ignacio Blanquer. The workshop served to exchange experiences and identify common goals, such as the network configuration in a federated environment of NECOS and the capability of describing dynamic infrastructures as code of EUBra-BIGSEA.

The workshop was well attended by around 50 people of average. The workshop was complemented with an exhibition area for posters from the projects presented in those calls. The event additionally included presentations from RNP (Rede Nacional de Pesquisa e Ensino) on the evolution of the FIBER infrastructure project, a result of the first call, inviting projects to use this infrastructure test bed for transnational experiments.

Additionally, the event covered a session on proposing new topics for the 5th call. Several topics were presented by the audience, and there was a joint proposal presented by EUBrasilCloudForum and EUBra-BIGSEA on self-managed and trustworthy Data analytic platforms.

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