HPC4E at Cloudscape Brazil to share techniques for wind and biomass energy simulations

May 31 2017

HPC4E at Cloudscape Brazil to share techniques for wind and biomass energy simulations

HPC techniques allowing energy simulations to be showcased at Cloudscape Brazil 2017

High Performance Computing machinery has been used extensively in the oil and gas industries, mainly through seismic processing, which analyses huge amounts of data to produce high quality images, with valuable information about the location and properties of geological layers. These images support the evaluation of possible scenarios but existing HPC machinery takes months to create them, holding back a sector that needs faster computers of Exaflop (one billion calculations per second). HPC4E (https://hpc4e.eu/), a research project under the EC's H2020 programme and from the Brazilian Ministry of Science,Technology and Innovation through the Rede Nacional de Pesquisa (RNP), is taking this industry to the Exaflop era, by optimizing procedures that will enable the creation of more precise images of ground layers in shorter timeframes. This and other HPC4E outputs are now being incorporated into industry codes, to be tested on the suite of geological models already produced.

More efficient Wind farms and Safer Biomass Energy

Wind is a source of clean energy but it only accounts for 3% of world energy. Wind farms need to be more efficient. The key for this is better predictions of wind behaviour. HPC4E is supporting the industry in designing the best possible spatial design for wind farms, using wind simulations, forecasting the daily power production and reducing CO2 targets.

Biogas is an unstable and dangerous type of energy, so it is crucial to improve security when dealing with it. A cleaner, safer and cheaper biogas will drive positive economic and social impacts, for example, as a new energy option for developed countries. HPC4E is improving the design of combustion engines that will allow better predictions of biomass-derived fuels performance in practical systems.


HPC for Energy official video

At Cloudscape Brazil 2017 Alvaro Coutinho, Professor of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and HPC4E coordinator, will showcase new exascale HPC techniques, developed by HPC4E, that allow energy simulations which are innovating the energy sector.

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