EUBrazilCloudFORUM at PAHCE - Pan American Health Exchanges

March 14 2016

EUBrazilCloudFORUM at PAHCE - Pan American Health Exchanges

The conference will take place next 4th to 9th April 2016 in Madrid, Spain.

EUBrazilCloudFORUM was invited to join the Pan American Health Exchanges (PAHCE), which will take place next 4th to 9th April 2016 in Madrid, Spain.

PAHCE is an independent forum for emerging medical technologies and innovations in procedures and techniques, equipment and appliances, which brings health care industries together with  medical personnel, engineering and technical professionals, and those engaged in medical information technologies  in the  academia, hospital and clinical settings, and related sectors.

The conference provides a forum and a linkage for the personnel of health care delivery institutions such as hospitals and clinics, academic institutions encompassing education and training in related areas, and medical device and equipment industry within the Americas. Furthermore, in addition to regular sessions, will include trainings workshops for the personnel involved in the direct engineering and technical support of patient care, hospitals, and clinics. The conference  focus on the status of medical technology, its maintenance and acquisition throughout the Latin American sphere and linkage to North American models of support and manufacturing of medical technology as well as academic training.

Marco Vieira, Associate Professor at University of Coimbra, Portugal (one of the partners of EUBrazilCloudFORUM) will present the project to an audience from both Europe and America.


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