Empowering researchers of tomorrow with a transatlantic shared Future Internet research facility

May 31 2017

Empowering researchers of tomorrow with a transatlantic shared Future Internet research facility

FIBRE large scale environment will be presented at Cloudscape Brazil 2017

Every researcher needs the right tools to do their research work. Biologists use microscopes, while astronomers rely on telescopes to explore the universe. But that about scientists of future internet? Their research instruments are testbeds, programmable networks for experimentation, connected to the current Internet, which allows researchers to test new models of network architectures and applications.

FIBRE is the project that has created from scratch a transatlantic shared Future Internet research facility between Europe and Brazil, a former project based on EU-BR collaborative work: FIBRE Internet testbeds. The new research facility works as a large-scale Virtual Laboratory for students and researchers to test new applications and network architecture models.

FIBRE testbed research legacy: supporting next generation of Brazilian scientists

The successful outcomes of the FIBRE Internet testbeds project, concluded in summer 2014, is reflected in transformation into a Brazilian initiative, called “FIBRE Future Internet”, to make the testbed available as a service. Now, the challenge is to promote FIBRE’s service to university professors, encouraging them to use it in classes and enrich their students’ learning experience. Access to the FIBRE large-scale environment gives university students real, hands-on experience on computer networks which is just not possible with ordinary software simulators that are usually available in education institutions.

FIBRE’s legacy can support the fostering of a brand new generation of researchers, who will be prepared to face the challenges of the future internet. This new generation is already taking the first steps with FIBRE. FUTEBOL project, another EU-BR collaboration project has focused on deploying facilities for researchers to do experiments on wireless and optical technologies, and has now concluded the integration of their "experimental islands" into the FIBRE testbed. On top of this, 3 other Brazilian experiments, each with a different focus, are running experiments on FIBRE and a set of experimental islands, which are deploying their hardware updates on FIBRE testbeds, to increase the resources available for experimentation.

Today, FIBRE’s goal is also to connect this Brazilian future internet testbed to other worldwide initiatives, thereby creating a large-scale platform worldwide, to be used by researchers, professors, students and even companies from around the world. This will be the focus of the FIBRE participation to the panel session at Cloudscape Brazil, July 5th, dedicated to showcase the results and assets from joint EU-Brazil research and innovation initiatives.

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